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Types of Jewellery & Watch Valuation Services

Several values can be applied to the valuation depending on your requirements for your valuation. Listed below are the types of valuation that we can offer

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Replacement in the U.K Valuation

insurance replacement jewellery valuation

Replacement valuations are the most required valuation that your insurance company may require from you. The values are based on what it would cost to replace the lost or stolen item with a similar item in a specific market. A valuation is a fully researched expert written option of authenticity. In the event of the worst happening, your valuation document may help you to get a full settlement and avoid any delays. This valuation can also assist in the instance that you may need a repair for damaged items or require any restoration.

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Probate Valuation

probate valuation hmrc jewellery watches

A probate valuation assists the executor of an estate to obtain probate of a will and enable HM Revenue and Customs to establish the correct amount of estate duty that may be due. This is undertaken in compliance with 'Section 160' of The Inheritance Act 1984. The values are based on the likely and achievable open market values at the date of death of the deceased.

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family division valuation diamond ring

Family division is a type of valuation that may be required in a divorce situation when jointly owned assets need to be divided between the parties. A valuation can also be provided as part of a pre-nuptial contract.

Private Sale

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private sale valuation

Private sale valuations are provided for the purpose of sale by private individuals asking for a fair price when selling an item. This type of valuation is best to be guided by an expert who has no interest in the outcome over and above the fee charged.

Post Loss

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collection of old jewellery jewellery box inhertited items

A post loss assessment may be required following an unfortunate event of the loss of a treasured item of jewellery and in the absence of having an up to date professional valuation. This is not an actual valuation, it is a quotation or estimate based on information provided. This independent assessment can then be submitted to your insurance company to help support your insurance claim to replace the item.

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