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What to expect when you book an appointment

Your Enquiry

apple laptop with find a valuer

Great, you're ready to make an appointment! 


Upon your first phone call or email, we will establish the reason for your valuation

There may be a number of reasons that may require you to require a  valuation

As an independent valuer, our fee structure is uncomplicated. We charge per item and not based on a final value percentage. You will always know how much your valuation will cost you before you instruct a valuation

Choose a date

make an appointment with a valuer

When would you like to meet?

Treasured Valuations offers a personalised tailored service, which means that you don't have to travel anywhere with your valuables, or leave them anywhere for periods of time for appraisal


We will arrange a visit at your home or your office or preferred location. This ensures discretion and privacy


We are also available to visit on Saturdays and Sundays. My visit length will depend on the number of items that you may have and Raji will advise of the time frame required prior to her visit

Treasured Valuations kindly ask for a deposit in order to confirm the appointment

Day of appointment

appraisal service

At the time of your appointment, Raji will visit you with all the tools and equipment required to examine, document and photograph your valuables in preparation to produce a document

If you have any boxes, warranty cards, certificates, receipts, or documents with your items, we would like them to be present at the time of the appraisal


Raji will start by cleaning your jewellery, so that it can be inspected, examined and photographed clearly, in order to produce your document

Your items will then be examined, photographed and appraised. Raji will then return to the office to produce your document

Receive your document

documentation for evaluation

If you require a paper document, it will be posted out in arrangement with you, by Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm® within a week of your appointment

You will  receive a password protected PDF for you to forward to your insurance company and for you to save for your records

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