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Asian jewellery valuation

Treasured Valuations Ltd is a leading provider of jewellery and watch valuations in the UK. Raji is committed to delivering the highest standards of professional service and accuracy, and she on hand to provide you with an accurate and reliable appraisal of your item.

With extensive experience in the jewellery and watch industry, we specialise in the valuation and appraisal of 22ct gold jewellery, which is a specialist area. Raji has a deep understanding of the culture of jewellery and gold, giving you the confidence that your items are being valued correctly and accurately.

Indian Bride and Groom

"Raji has been around the jewellery trade for as long as she can remember. Her father (and her grandfather before him) ran one of the largest manufacturing companies of Indian jewellery in the UK, supplying stores across the country throughout the 1970s and 1980s


Raji is not only a registered valuer of watches and jewellery, she is currently the only Indian gujarati speaking Registered Valuer in the UK. We look at the challenges she had to overcome to create and develop her valuation business into a full time occupation and discover how ethnic diversity is important in our industry"

as featured in her interview by the Jewellery Valuers Association


Asian jewellery - 22ct gold 

Spanning a legacy of 5,000 years, the jewellery of India is a striking expression of the country’s aesthetic and cultural history.

India is the global leader in gold jewellery consumption. Traditionally, gold has been considered auspicious and is regarded to be symbolic of Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth for Hindus. Gold is symbol of perfection, immortality and prosperity; it is the substance that myths and legends are made of.


Women are gifted gold jewellery for different phases in life, with each gift showcasing a socially significant event. 

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