There are many questions you may have regarding appraisal of your treasured items of jewellery. Please message with any question you may have, as jewellery is personal and we may have different reasons for requiring a valuation.

What is a jewellery valuation?

A watch and jewellery valuation is a fully researched expert written opinion of authenticity, composition and quality in respect of an item or property that has been examined and appraised, cumulating in a monetary value.

Are your valuations accepted by all insurance companies?

We work with all insurance companies.  As a member of the Jewellery Valuers Association and a JVA Registered valuer,  valuations signed by us are accepted by all insurance companies.  Please take a look at the website for more information from the Jewellery Valuers Association here. I am fully qualified and references are available upon request 

How do I get my jewellery or diamond ring valued?

Upon your initial enquiry, I will establish the reason for your valuation. Is it for insurance replacement? Is it for a private sale? It may be any other reason listed here  We can arrange an appointment for me to appraise your valuables at your convenience.  We will also discuss the fee, so you will know exactly how much your valuation will cost you before we commence any work.

Why do I need to value my watch or my jewellery?

We hope that your jewellery is never lost or stolen, but if in the event that it is you will need to know that you are fully covered. This is the best way to protect your most treasured valuables. In any case of a claim your insurance company will require a valuation document from a Registered valuer. A professional valuation is by far the most peace of mind for you to ensure that you receive a fair claim result.

What can be expected when you arrive at my home or office?

How often should I get my jewellery valued?

We recommend that values are assessed every three to five years. In the case of some watches it is wise to have values assessed more regularly. This helps you to avoid being underinsured in the event of a claim. I can also check the condition of your valuables in any case of wear and tear or any repairs that may be required. The value of jewellery can fluctuate according to the price of raw materials along with other factors, including exchange rates.

On arrival, we will establish the items that you would like to include in your valuation. This will have been discussed prior to my visit. I will then clean all of the items as thoroughly as possible, so that they can be appraised correctly and photographed beautifully. If you have any receipts or warranty certificates, original boxes and paperwork, this should all be present at the time of the appraisal.

What will I receive after you have inspected my watch or jewellery?

You will receive by secure post, 2 copies of your valuation document, with beautifully photographed items. You will also receive by email a password protected PDF of your document for safe keeping or to forward to your insurance company. See a sample valuation here

How long does it take to appraise jewellery?

This will depend on the amount of items you have, in most cases your document will be with you within a week of my initial appraisal. Often some items may take more research or perhaps even more testing or analysis, thus taking a little more time. 

For any questions you may have, please call or email any enquiries you may have and we will be pleased to assist you 

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