Fixed fees & no hidden extras

Clear ethical pricing

Not  percentage based

Free no obligation quote

For a truly independent valuation we have fixed fees, which are 

transparent and clear and ethical. 

Please call or contact us for a free quote

Documents are accepted by all insurance companies as we are an accredited Registered Jewellery Valuation Service


Every quality valuation contains a full detailed description of your items, including photographs, stone weights, dimensions, hallmark details, gross weight, and the current value, for the relevant market specified.

A home or office visit service so you don't have to travel anywhere with your items

Valuation fees   We never charge a final percentage of a valuation.

One item:                            £110.00

Each item after:                    £60.00 

Per group

10 items of

similar value items:               £90.00

Paper copy sent by

secured post                         £15.00

This includes cleaning of your jewellery items


Travel to and from your home or to your desired location (up to 30 miles of Harrow radius) 


A copy of your document in a PDF format.


Paper copies of you document are available upon request at £15 per document

Please contact us for enquiries for 22 carat Asian gold jewellery as many of these items may be grouped

Prices start from £30 for similar items 

Premium Items 


Premium items are those that take longer to research, these items may require further testing.

This may include:

Diamonds over 1.00ct without certification

Large multi-stone items and some antique items

Items without a U.K hallmark

Items that may have had some treatments or enhancements

Lab grown diamonds without certification

Coloured gemstones over 10.00ct


However, all fees will be clear based upon a visual inspection and you will be advised of all prices before commencing a valuation.


Document Fee


Each Item


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