For a truly independent valuation we never charge a percentage of a Valuation.

Our fees are transparent and clear. 

Price list 2021

Fees to value for the following purposes:

Retail replacement U.K, Probate, Family Division and Open Market


Document fee                 £50.00

Each item is priced at     £60.00


Per group of up to 10 items of

similar value items -


                              From   £90.00


For example

One item will cost you     £110.00

Two items will cost you    £170.00


Please contact me for enquiries for 22 carat Asian gold jewellery as many of these items may be grouped

Prices start from £30 for similar items 

Premium items - From £90.00


Note: Premium items are those that take longer to research, these items may require further testing.

This may include:

Diamonds over 1.00ct without certification

Large multi-stone items and some antique items

Items without a U.K hallmark

Items that may have had some treatments or enhancements

Lab grown diamonds or HPHT diamonds

Coloured gemstones over 10.00ct


However, all fees will be clear based upon a visual inspection and you will be advised

of all prices before commencing a valuation.



This includes travel to and from your home or to your desired location (up to 30 miles of Harrow radius) and postage.


This also includes one copy of your documents and one copy in a secure PDF format.


Extra copies of you document are available upon request at £15 per document


Document Fee


Each Item