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What being a *Registered* valuer means …

To be a Jewellery Valuers Association Registered Valuer® carries with it the responsibilities of a highly-skilled professional, requiring extensive academic study combined with a depth of knowledge and experience that can only be gained from many years’ in the jewellery, watch and silver industry. We meet the necessary skills and qualifications to meet exacting standards which are essential to safeguard the interests of those we serve - the general public.

In order to become a valuing member of the JVA, we must hold recognised gemmological and diamond grading qualifications, a recognised valuation appraisal qualification and have a minimum of 5 years experience within the jewellery industry.

The prestigious title of JVA Registered Valuer® is awarded to successful applicants following the submission of a sample valuation portfolio to the JVA Accreditation Panel. Specialist valuing members must hold the relevant qualifications and/or experience in their chosen field.

Your insurance company will require you to have a valuation carried out by a registered valuer. A document produced by a JVA valuer are accepted by all insurance companies

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