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Valuing is simple! Isn't it just like Antiques Roadshow?

No, not really!

Well the truth of the matter is, there is actually a great deal of work that goes on behind the scenes, and what really happens is the jewellery is meticulously examined and in turn researched thoroughly.

Let's' discuss the true realities of Jewellery and Watch Valuation. Well, as independent valuers, we do a lot of research and we do a lot of learning. We provide you with a truly independent and professional valuation. A full detailed description, including details of the stones and metals used, the stone’s carat, colour, clarity and cut and details of the settings, and any other detailed information that may be necessary.

Although we do try, valuers don’t carry every single piece of information in their head. How many times has someone held up an item and asked, ‘What is this worth?’ Quite simply, the answer is not that simple.



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